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 Hellian Cros
 Age: 277 Gender: Female Race: Winged Elf (can't fly) Class: Cleric/Mage
 Height: 5'5" Weight: 95 lbs Hair:  Black Eyes: White Pupi-less
 Body Type: Thin, guant Complexion: Ashen/Grey Special Characteristics: Blind & Schitzophrenic Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Hometown Wastelands  
 Background & Description
From the wastelands she wanders, born almost three centuries ago to a forgotten clan of winged elves, cast aside for her deformaty and flesh hungry beliefs. 

One can wonder, if evil is truelly something one is born with, or if it can be so malicious that it would deform someone from the beginning to represent their true inner self. 

Hellian has a clarity of person, despite her blindness and often chaotic personality. She was gifted with a high sense of intuition that allows her to adapt and see clearly what others might underestimate or overlook. Traveling from the wastelands, in her tattered crimson and white robes she moves to seek more power, more knowledge.. more death beyond life. 

Oil black wings lay limp down her back, unused for a century they occasionally can be heard rustling beneath fabric, then seen spreading out in a chaotic burst of energy, absoring both light and warmth.

 Thin trails of black hair twist and fall over a hollow ashen face, her white pupiless eyes always moving never focusing unless to be followed by a high piercing giggle.

 Skills and Advantages
Magic Comprehension Magic Casting Intuition
Beginner Beginner Advance
 Weaknesses and Flaws
Blindness Schizophrenic    
7 16 17
18 10 8
 Magic Known
Earth, Darkness, Illusions
Twisted 6' Oak Staff with silver and sharp black quartz rising from the top in the shape of a handcrafted skull, Clerical Robes, Satchel w/ blanket and food




Bronze 440
 Items and Values



Clothes, Spiritual Tome of Darkness, Introduction to Necromancy black quartz skull with silver embedded veins atop her staff over 500 years old worth 12,000gp today said to have come from a city of the dead that was once held within the Wastelands before the Emperor's reign.

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