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 Jhon Blood`Wraith
 Age: 25 Gender: Male Race: Human Class: Fighter
 Height: 6'0" Weight: 185 lbs Hair:  Black Eyes: Black
 Body Type: Built Complexion: Tan Skin Special Characteristics: Birth Mark on r/chest Alignment: Lawful Evil
Hometown Whispering Hills  
The Resistance
 Background & Description
Approximately 25 years ago, Whispering Hills was the homeland of the La'tham family, a family whose symbol was the tower and whose line had produced many worthy warriors for the land. 

The head of the family at the time was a worried, moody man. For though he descended from a line of strong and broad-shouldered warriors, he did not follow their example; he was frail, so he immersed himself in the art of spellcraft. 

Ashamed that he lacked the power of his forebears, he feared his family line would continue to dandle over time and eventually die out; the La'tham and their land would be forgotten. The man planned and plotted and read and researched and delved, and at length summoned up a dark and fell power. 

Whether this was some royalty of the lower planes, a mage from a far-off land, or some vile and forgotten Immortal is not known. The evening of the summoning became heavy with storm clouds, and eldritch balls of lightning danced about the keep. 

It is remembered that La'tham confronted this dark power with his fears, demanded that the line be preserved as strong and vibrant, and
made a pact to preserve that strength. 

The dark forced laughed and agreed to his pact, booming in its fell voice that the master of La'tham Keep would always be powerful, strong, and long-lived. It laughed again, and the keep's gates swung shut. Lightning smashed against the walls, ripping them asunder. 

Those beyond the walls heard the screams of those within until the force of the lightning and winds drove listeners away. In the morning, the townspeople returned to the keep, only to find it a shattered, blood-drenched ruin. 

Of the La'tham family, its patriarch, its guests, and its servants, no physical trace remained, save for the blood that washed every surface, as if a great and powerful beast had been loosed in the halls.

A woman's loud cry interrupted the frightened seek for life, and everyone saw as she raised a child from a small pool of blood. There was no explanation for such event nor they ever searched for one. 

It was well known that no young ones were currently running in the veins of the family, nor their guests.  The child became part of the Wraith family, acquiring the name of Jhon Blood-Wraith

 Skills and Advantages
Spot/Sense Opponent Two-Hand Sword Proficiency Bladed Weaponry
Beginner Advance Expert
 Weaknesses and Flaws
Move Silently Hide    
16 15 14
11 9 15
 Magic Known
Great-sword, Cross Helmet, Half-Plate Mail, Large Metal Shield




Bronze 123
 Items and Values



Clothes, Backpack, War Horse, Flint and Steel, 2 Healing Potions a flawless gem with eldritch symbols inserted in sword socket (7,000 gold), Ring of Greed (2,000 gold)

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