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 Age: 27 Gender: Female Race: Half Fire Elven Class: Fighter
 Height: 5'9" Weight: 135 lbs Hair:  Auburn Eyes: Pale Blue
 Body Type: Tone Muscular Complexion: Light Tan Special Characteristics: Eyebrow & Ear Piercings Alignment: Lawful Evil
Hometown Acadia  
Imperial Knight
 Background & Description
Lily was born to a Baron St. James and his human wife. Despite her fathers plans for Lily she went out on her own, eventually causing the demise of her dear beloved parents. It was then, so long ago that she left her home village. She learnt the value of lies and steel in hand, corruption and an alluring smile her ever present allies. It was one day however, that she ventured into a shadowed green where fighters were training. There she met Aemelia, who was busy herself fighting off a few Righteous Squires that thought to squish Aemelia for being of the Dark Faction Aemelia took her under her wing, taught her what she needed to know and in doing so they became like sisters. To make a long story short, Lily has spent much of her life with a sword in her hand. Where the Power Hungry and Wicked reign, she follows to smite the righteous idiots, a smile curled on her face. Today she resides in Acadia, acting as council and the Third of the Imperial Knights to the Emperor Vyras. Lily has also improved her innate magical ability. Seeking to rise in power as a Dark Paladin to better face her enemy in battle and find newer ways of becoming victorious over them. She trains & positions all Squires and Pages in the Academy to their respective Knights and Masters, and remains a comrade in arms to Aemelia and Nemesio, her sword WidowMaker at her side.
 Skills and Advantages
Long Sword Proficiency Physical Combat Intimidation
Expert Advance Advance
Instinct & Reflex Magic Comprehension Casting Comprehension
Expert Beginner Beginner
 Weaknesses and Flaws
Short Sightedness Arrogance Vanity  
17 15 13
14 10 11
 Magic Known
Fire, Earth, Dark
WidowMaker- Black Silver Long Sword with double bladed edge for added damage. Handcrafted pommel and cross-guard of silver and onyx black widow design perfected for Lily's grip only. Black Steel Hauberk (chain mail tunic with hood) Black Crystal Long Bow with arrows.




Bronze 7
 Items and Values



Clothes, Necromatic Spell Book (400pgs), Black Destrier & Mastiff Manor House

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