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 Age: 781 Gender: Male Race: Drow Class: Wizard
 Height: 5'4" Weight: 102 lbs Hair:  White Eyes: Black
 Body Type: Slender Complexion: Dark/Ebony Special Characteristics: Decayed Skin Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Hometown Oloth  
Slave of The Valsharess: Ambassador of Oloth for Domania, Scientist.
 Background & Description
Mumphra has served the royalties of the Drow since childhood being removed from his family for his special attribute of his mind.  He began to be a quick thinker and highly intelligent for his age.

Some of the Drow Females have noticed this, and took him apart of being trained for battling to be place at early age at studying the new arts of intelligence like magic.

Jealousy had been seen by the Queen's daughter when she had seen that he was treated like a son, and on top of that, being seen as the Valsharess' (Queen) favorite child being male; males who are born to be slaves for the Drow.  Therefore, he was slain by his sister who was then slain by her Mother the Valsharess.  The Kingdom didn't approve of the Ishqua`Sequil who was the mother and queen at the time.  Therefore there was to be a trial.

The Valsharess was questioned by her council, which were all females, and tried for more than 3 years in her reign.  Through perseverance and intimidation Ishqua`Sequl had manage to convinced her council to come to the confidential agreement that Mumphra shall be raised from the dead after 500 years of being a forgotten issue.  With that, she added that he shall be raise for the purpose of serving her greatest child, the Valsharess in half a millennium, who will reign supremely having Mumphra at her side.

For each year the Ishqua`Sequil had taken the life of wizards, sorceresses, witches, and all types of magical figures of the lands, and sacrificed them to the tomb beneath her quarters where the body of Mumphra had rested.  She had believed that this would feed the spirit power to breed back more powerful into life.

Now, we come back to the present.  Ishqua has died already back 203 years ago, and it is the New Valsharess, Velkyn`Oloth, who had just discovered the documents of the legend once rumored.


 Skills and Advantages
Alchemy/Chemistry Astronomy Linguistics
Advance Beginner Beginner
Magic Comprehension Casting Comprehension  Mentally Quick
Expert Advance   Expert
 Weaknesses and Flaws
Hand to Hand Appearance Naturally Slow Physically Sunlight
 Physically Weak      
6 7 18
18 17 9
 Magic Known
Time, Wind, Earth, Darkness
Curved Dagger




Bronze 0
 Items and Values



Clothes, Feathered Necklace, Torn Robes, Staff with skull top surrounded by feathers beneath, Tome of Darkness, Tome of Earth, Tome of Wind, Book of Chronology. Tomb, Library of References and Supplies, Laboratory with Equipment, 23 Onyx Stone, 32 Jade, 12 Diamond, 12 Aqua , 16 Ruby, 2 Rainbow's Sphere.

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