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 Simon Wishka
Age 35 Gender Male Race Fire Elf Class Swashbuckler
Height 6'4" Weight 173 lbs Hair Red/Orange Eyes Red
Body Type Chiseled Complexion Slightly Tan Special Characteristics Long Beard, Scar over left eye Alignment None/Neutral
Hometown Archland
Freelancer for Hire
 Background & Description
It is said that Simon Wishka was not part of this world until the Emperor's Daughter fell in love with a precious onyx stone that was found in Amazonia by Nemesio Canales who had offered it as a gift.

The Emperor's Daughter had placed it in her royal collection one night and in the morning a red-haired, male elf, Simon, was brushing her hair with his fingers.  She had summoned the Guards quickly, but the elf wasn't aware while he was caught up in a trance because of her beauty.

Finally the guards had come in and took him away to be questioned and then hanged.  He had escaped between being placed in a prison cell and interviewed.

Rumor is that Simon had been trapped in the gem from a previous world.  But his pranks and personality never discloses an answer to the question in conversation.

Simon is mischievous, devilish, arrogant all in one.  He loves to play pranks, make fun, and party when he is not desiring something to steal.  He takes on any chances so long the treasure is of worth.  Word is the Emperor has placed a reward on Simon's head for stealing 3 of the finest, rare diamonds from his daughter's treasury.

 Skills and Advantages
Scimitar Expertise

Magic Comprehension

Casting Comprehension
Expert Beginner Beginner
Move Silently Aerobics Pick Locks
Advance Expert Expert
 Weaknesses and Flaws
Arrogance Alertness Charm Brawling
12 18 14
14 5 17
 Magic Known
Illusions, Dark, Light
Two Crystal Bladed Scimitars, Dagger, Leather Armor




Bronze 200
 Items and Values



Clothes, Black Cloak, Ball Pointed Pin, 100' of Rope with Grappling Hook 3 Medium Rare Diamonds (900 gp each) [Stolen from the Emperor's Daughter  jewels]

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