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Please take time to read the following or
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Before proceeding please take time to read the following guidelines so we may approve of your character quickly.

Name - Your character's known name, take note it does not have to have characters like "_" from an internet format. 

Example of a Name: Hargath Grimner not Hargath_Grimner

Age - Age is quite simple in years format, just take note that we prefer characters not more than 1000 years old, unless there is a good storyline to it.

Gender - Self explanatory.  Basically Female, Male, or None being a race that has no gender or is not biased on gender.

Hometown - We like to have characters from places of this world, different cultures, this is more of a reminder to know where your character lives or is from.  You can choose unknown if undecided or not disclose it, and can choose Other to adjust to your character's storyline.

Class and Profession - This may confuse you since we have Classes and Professions.  To identify what is what take note in what your character is considered to be depending on the character skills.  If the character uses magic for some skills, most likely the character is a wizard or witch.  For instance take a Fighter which is a class, but the fighter is part of the Knights of Honor, the Knight of Honor is the profession in which the character has taken, but Fighter is the Class.  Another example is a Witch who sells potions and charms.  The Witch is the class, but she is a Merchant or Shop-owner. And last but not least the example of a Dwarf Thief, who is a Blacksmith and rips of his customers.  Thief is the class and Blacksmith is the profession.

Alignment -  Alignments are the measure of morality and ethic for your character.

Eyes, Hair, Weight, and Height - The color of eyes, the color of hair perhaps length if you wish to be descriptive but remember we offer character's portrait (image).  The Weight in lbs (pounds) and Height in ' and " (feet and inches).

Body Type - Another feature added to specify what type of body your character's have.  Perhaps slender, skinny, chiseled, plump, steroidally built, chubby, are suggestions.  Be creative :)

Complexion - Sometimes we can't find the right color of skin in an image for our characters.  A drow most likely would have either rich ebony skin, or darkest blue.  A Water Elf would have light blue skin.  Again these are just suggestions.

Special Characteristics -  This is to be brief most likely.  What we are asking here is what makes your character different among others physically or perhaps mentally.  For instance, if your character suffers being physically challenged such as being blind, limp-walker, cross-eyed etc.  Also, you can also put other special characteristics like a tattoo, scars, etc.  As for mentally, the character might not be sane or suffers from some type of paranoia, etc.  An example would be schizophrenic.

Background & Description - Background is not necessarily your character's past life (Bio) since day 1 of adventuring or from being born, but a background is really a brief connection of your character and our world in Abyssia.  For instance, "what lead the character to be who he or she is today?"  As for Description, you should ask yourself, "What is your character known for?"  Habits, moods, tempers, personality, etc. All of this will combine to be your character's background.

Picture (URL) - Here you will give us your character's portrait.

Skills -  Now this may be tricky, but it is one of the most important parts of the game.  So I advise you to pay attention.  First of all, your character must have a minimum of 2 weaknesses (please refer to weaknesses below for more information.)  Even though this is a fantasy/medieval game, we like to be realistic on several occasions; this is one of them.

Now that we have cleared that up.  Next is the amount of skills you have to choose.  The minimum of skills your new character is allowed to have is 3 the maximum is 6.  However to balance the level of skills for your character, you must divide 6 points between the skills you have chosen.  There are three levels of experience to each skill; Beginner, Advance, and Expert.  Making each level equivalent to an extra 1 point of skill; For example, Beginner would cost 1 point, Advance would cost 2, and Expert would cost 3. 

(This apply for all skills except two of the magic ones that are doubled in points.  They are known as Magic Comprehension and Casting Comprehension, which beginner cost would be 2, advance would be 4, and Expert would be 6.)

For example, I have chosen to take 4 skills.  Now I need to divide 6 points into them.

Bladed Weaponry Alertness Pick Pocketing Hide in Shadows
2 1 1 3
Advance Beginner Beginner Expert

On the character sign up form you will not see numbers but take not that Beginner would be equal to 1 point, Advance would be equal to 2 points, and Expert would be equal to 3 points.

Now if they are Magic Skills such as Magic Comprehension and Casting Comprehension, (for reference to the magic skills click here)  Then they become double in point value.  For Example...

Magic Comprehension Casting Comprehension Staff Proficiency
2 2 2
Beginner Beginner Advance

Notice now that, I have chosen the minimum of three skills.  Magic and Casting Comprehension has taken 2 points each  to have them each at beginner level and staff proficiency took 2 points to have it at Advance.  These two magic skills, again are double.  Meaning in order to have them in advance you must have 4 points in the skill, and expert 6 points skill.

Weaknesses - Weaknesses are something we like to give to a character to make it more creative and realistic as stated above.  They do not have a level;  therefore, they are generally played.  Examples of mental weaknesses are things charm (not able to resist), arrogance, temper, naive, attentive, resisting values (like a thief trying not to steal everything he or she sees) etc.  Examples of physical weaknesses are brawling, running, swimming, unable to use weapons or armor, grow tired quickly, weak stomach, etc.  Be creative : )

Note on Weaknesses - if you choose 6 skills you must choose 3 weaknesses.  However that does not mean the maximum amounts of weaknesses you can have is only 3.

Statistics -  Even though we are a free form role-playing game, this is what makes us different.  We have chosen to use statistics to be used only in adventures with a host.  THIS IS NOT TO BE ABUSED in regular rooms of the game.  The reason we refuse to use them in regular rooms, is because it takes away the actual role-playing to be replaced by dice rolls.  However we must use them in quest because a GM cannot state the outcome of an action sometimes without being accused of favoritism.  Therefore, we will use statistics only when the GM tells us to use them in an adventure or quest.  

Now back to the technical of statistics.   You have 80 points to divide into 6 stats; strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma.  They cannot be lower than 3 or higher than 18.

You cannot repeat the same number 3 times in your stats.  For example Strength 13, Dexterity 13, and Wisdom 13.  You may repeat the number twice but not three times.  The reason we do this is that we want to make the characters feel more realistic and not perfectly balanced, as having the infamous "15" in all their stats.

Here's an example of what stats may look like for approval:

Strength Dexterity Constitution
12 18 5
Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
15 14 16

 Here's an example of what stats may look like in disapproval (the no, no.)

Strength Dexterity Constitution
8 16 14
Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
16 16 10

Noticed there are three 16's.  That is a not acceptable.

Known Magic - This applies to those characters who has taken the skills of magic.  Your character must pick 3 types of magic.  Examples of such are in 

Elemental - Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth; 
Spiritual - Light and Darkness;  
Schools of Magic - Illusions

For more information of how magic works click here and for more information on what types of magic are commonly known click here

Note - you may also develop your own type of magic, depending on approval.  Please refer to Comments, just below for more information.

Equipment - What we mean by equipment is items for combat as in Weapons and Armor.

Items - Horse, Thieves' tools, Tomes of Magic, Books, Etc.

Values - House, Jewels, etc.

Comments -  In this sections you will list things you think you would need approval for.  As in a new hometown that you wish your character to be from, or a new type of magic to be approved with a good storyline backing it up, etc.  If you want to ask questions here, ask away.. anything you want to include that we might have missed in the options let us know here :)


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